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For more information on how we can help achieve your investing goals:

Intelligent Investing

Investor Systems delivers clients the most advanced investment analysis technologies. We specialise in producing algorithmic trading systems based upon both technical and quantitative factors. All of our systems are rigorously tested to produce robust performance with positive expectancy over a wide range of market conditions. In addition, all strategies utilise sophisticated capital management techniques to minimise portfolio volatility and limit risk.


Our clients require consistent market-beating performance, but they also want performance which places the highest priority on risk management.


The universe of opportunity is vast. Our clients wish to quickly and effectively scan tens of thousands of securities for only the most prospective investment opportunities.


Our clients are self-directed, they require ability to generate their own investing ideas and manage their own investing affairs when, and in a manner which it suits them.

Ease of use

You shouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to use our products. Our clients require an intuitive interface which allows minimal learning of the application to achieve the desired results.

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